The Back Weeds

Community Based Passion Project.

I grew up in Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn — a place I still call home today.

I’m convinced it is the single greatest community in America: a small peninsula in southeast Brooklyn — home to very proud, hard-working families and absolute lunatics.  

A salt marsh, known locally as “The Back Weeds,” covers a vast portion of this small neighborhood. As a kid, it represented more than just a place to explore. It was freedom. It was a lawless alternate universe where there were no parents, no teachers — no rules.

It felt a millions miles from home, but was literally right around the corner.

Soon after graduating college, I launched a passion project under the anonymous moniker “The Back Weeds.” I designed t-shirts for and inspired by my community, because I wanted to share the appreciation I held for this incredibly unique part of the world. I took out ads in local newspapers, printed up flyers, and managed a Facebook page. The response was overwhelming.

To this day, I run limited sales once a year on hoodies and shirts.

Through this passion project I’m also able to lend my support to different community organizations, such as the Veterans of Foreign Wars, The G.B. Little League, the annual “Oarsome” rowboat race, and many other events and fundraisers.


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