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Neil Fallon, lead singer of rock-and-roll juggernauts Clutch called and asked if I would design their new album “Robot Hive / Exodus.” 

Creating album cover art was something I’d wanted to do since I was 12 — a dream job.

While crushed inside a noisy, overcrowded bar on Saint Patrick’s Day, I screamed “Of course!” and started sketching ideas on coasters and napkins right then and there. Subsequently, I celebrated until the next day, but woke up with pant pockets bulging with balled up sketches of deep-sea diver helmets and Michelangelo's Creation of Adam, only with robots. 

I’d go on to design Clutch’s next 7 albums, and created imagery for their side projects, merchandise, tour posters, logos, lanyard laminates and countless other touchpoints.

Each of these projects provided me with hands-on experience in printing processes and techniques while also allowing me the freedom to explore various solutions in package design. For me, the creative collaboration with incredibly hard working, gifted & quite talented people was my greatest take away.

James Brown may have been dubbed the "Hardest working man in show business" 

But Clutch is by far the "Hardest working band in show business."


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